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It’s Here! “Understanding Privacy,” A New Smashing Book Is Shipping Now
“Understanding Privacy,” the new Smashing Book by Heather Burns, will help you create inclusive, safe and privacy-aware digital experiences. Print books are now shipping! [Jump to details](https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2022/12/understanding-privacy-new-smashing-book/#about-the-book) and [get the book right away](https://www.smashingmagazine.com/printed-books/understanding-privacy/).

Advent Calendars For Web Designers And Developers (2022 Edition)
Are you ready for the countdown to Christmas? This year, the web community was once again busy creating tech advent calendars jam-packed with fantastic content to sweeten your days. But which ones to follow? We help you find the right one, whether you’re a front-end dev, UX designer, or content strategist.

Accessible Front-End Patterns For Responsive Tables (Part 1)
There is no universal solution for making every kind of table responsive and usable on smaller screens, so we have to rely on various patterns, which Adrian explains in this two-part series.

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