Iurii Kostenko Director, Project Management


With years of extensive experience in the industry, I help businesses plan, execute and deliver projects, ensuring their innovative ideas become realities while navigating challenges and maximizing efficiency.

How Marketing Changed OOP In JavaScript
Discussing the decisions surrounding JavaScript prototypes, the article by Juan Diego Rodriguez scrutinizes their origin, examines missteps in the design, and explores how these factors have affected the way we write JavaScript today.

Recovering Deleted Files From Your Git Working Tree
Git is designed to assure us that we can track a project’s files at different points in time. But it doesn’t assure us that those files are always safe along the way. For those of you who have dealt with the sinking feeling that you’ve irrevocably deleted and lost files, Sanmi has a couple of approaches that, in the right situations, may help bring them back.

Cold Days, Shining Lights (December 2023 Wallpapers Edition)
Could there be a better way to welcome the new month than with a collection of desktop wallpapers? We’ve got some eye-catching designs to sweeten up the last few weeks of the year and, if you’re celebrating, to get you in the holiday mood.