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With years of extensive experience in the industry, I help businesses plan, execute and deliver projects, ensuring their innovative ideas become realities while navigating challenges and maximizing efficiency.

The Path To Awesome CSS Easing With The linear() Function
With the new CSS `linear()` easing function on the horizon, the possibilities of what we can do to create natural-feeling animations and transitions in the future are greatly expanded. Jhey Tompkins looks at the current state of CSS easing in this article and demonstrates what we can expect from `linear()`, including handy tools to get your hands on it today.

Facilitating Inclusive Online Workshops (Part 2)
To help ensure the success of a workshop, Ben Shih introduces the concept of an inclusive workshop. In Part 2 of the series, you will continue to delve deeper into several key principles and guidelines that you can follow during and after the workshop to encourage an inclusive atmosphere.

How Smashing Magazine Uses TinaCMS To Manage An Editorial Workflow
This article is a peek behind the curtain of how content is managed here at Smashing Magazine. In it, you’ll get a tour of an article’s full lifecycle, from a basic outline to the sort of thing you’re reading right this second.