Iurii Kostenko Technical Project Manager

Smashing Podcast Episode 13 With Laura Kalbag: What Is Online Privacy?
In this episode of the Smashing Podcast, we’re talking about online privacy. What should web developers be doing to make sure the privacy of our users is maintained? I spoke to Laura Kalbag to find out. Show Notes Laura Kalbag’s personal website Small Technology Foundation Better Blocker Site.js Weekly Update “How To Make Life Easier When Using Git,” by Shane Hudson “Visual Design Language: The Building Blocks Of Design,”

Create Your Free Developer Blog Using Hugo And Firebase
In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to create your own blog using Hugo and deploy it on Firebase for free. Hugo is an open-source static site generator and Firebase is a Google platform that offers resources and services used to augment web and mobile development. If you’re a developer who does not have a blog yet but is interested in hosting one, this article will help you create one. To follow these steps, you need to know how to use Git and your terminal.

Releasing The Ethical Design Handbook When We Needed It Most
Ethics is a timely subject for all of us who work on digital products, so it was no surprise The Ethical Design Handbook was well received. There is a real need for practical solutions beyond just complying with the law. The book offers ways to evaluate current practices, create opportunities for change when needed, and embed ethical design into your workflow. Something Good In The Mail As printed copies started to make their way around the world, we got to see some happy responses and thoughtful reviews:

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