Iurii Kostenko Technical Project Manager

Good Vibes In August (2021 Desktop Wallpapers Edition)
New month, new wallpapers! In this post, you’ll find unique and inspiring wallpapers for August 2021. Created with love by the community for the community, they come in versions with and without a calendar for the month.

How To Build An E-Commerce Site With Angular 11, Commerce Layer And Paypal
Having an e-commerce store is crucial for any store owner as more and more customers are turning to online shopping. In this tutorial, we shall go through how to create an e-commerce site with Angular 11. The site will use the Commerce Layer as a headless e-commerce API and use Paypal to process payments.

There Is No Such Thing As A CSS Absolute Unit
What are absolute units? What are the differences between relative and absolute units, and how do we create accurate sizes on the web? In this article, Elad Shechter explains why CSS absolute units aren’t so absolute.

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